Emerald Ballroom And Argentine Tango Center
Columbia, South Carolina
Welcome to Emerald Ballroom and Argentine Tango Center
Conveniently located at:
1333 Omarest Drive
Columbia, SC 29210

Emerald Ballroom offers group classes and private lessons in Argentine Tango, Salsa, Rueda, Ballroom (including all Smooth and Rhythm dances), shag and lindy hop.  We have an awesome team of instructors, who represent the best in the region and the nation.

Our 6,620 sq ft studio has a VERY SPACIOUS dance area.  It includes a main dance room which measures 56'x76' and two smaller rooms which measure 24'x44' and 24'x24'.  Also, the main dance room has a suspended hardwood floor which gives an overall softer feel to the floor.  It is beautiful and a delight to dance on!!
For more information, please call:
(803) 708-3235.

Come dance and have fun with us!

Harby Gonzalez, Artistic Director and Studio Manager

Barb Kubodera, Studio Owner
Harby Gonzalez 

  Sheila Brown  

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