Emerald Ballroom And Argentine Tango Center
Columbia, South Carolina


Tuesday 6:30PM Beginners

7:30PM Intermedy
Taught by: Jose Maria Gutierrez

Salsa Rueda

Tuesday 8:00PM

Taught by: Harby Gonzalez
ATS - American Tribal Style
          Belly Dance
Wednesday  8PM Level II
 7PM Level III

​Taught by: Maria Bargas Palacio

Thursday  8:00PM Props
Taught by: Maria Bargas Palacio

Emerald Soiree Dance Party

Join us on the 1st Saturday of each month from 7:30PM - 10:30PM
Music by DJ Marcia Mitchell
Admission is $10.00 / person
Refreshments provided

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Argentine Tango

Monday 6:15PM Beginner 
 7:15PM Intermediate
8:15PM Practica

​Taught by: Harby Gonzalez

Thursday 7:00PM

Advanced Level II 

Taught by: Harby Gonzalez

Ecstatic Dance
Sundays 10:30AM
Taught by: Anne Marie Cockrell


Tuesdays 6:30PM
Taught by: Marissa McDonald

$40 for a 4-week session.
$13 for a drop-in.

To schedule private lessons you may contact Emerald Ballroom at (803) 708-3235 or navigate to the 'Contact Us' page and send us an e-mail.  The cost of private lessons varies depending on the instructor and length of the lesson.  You may choose to take part or all of a lesson at a time.  Also, some instructors allow you to pay for blocks of lessons.  Call us for more information.

Schedule of Classes and Events at Emerald Ballroom

Emerald Milonga

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 9:00PM until 1:30AM
Music by DJ Harby Gonzalez
Admission is $10.00 / person
Refreshments provided

Emerald Argentine Tango Practica

Join us on the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Friday of each month from 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Music by DJ Harby Gonzalez
Admission is $7.00 / person
Soft drinks and snacks provided

This is an instructor-guided practica and a great opportunity to practice the concepts you've learned in the group classes or private sessions in an informal setting.


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Thurday, 6:15PM
Adult Ballet
Taught by: Ann Kent

Belly Dancing 
Thursday  7:00PM Level I
Taught by: Maria Bargas Palacio

Thursday  6:00PM Level II/III
Taught by: Maria Bargas Palacio

West Coast Swing
Tuesday 7:00PM
Taught by: Jeremy Webb

Saturday 4:30PM Basics

5:30PM Intermediate Level
Taught by: Jeremy Webb