Q: What kind of clothes do I wear?
A: Wear comfortable clothes for dancing that don't restrict big movements or stretching.  For some dance wear refer to the Links page - Dance Shoes and Dance Wear Section.

Q: What kind of shoes do I wear?
A: Wear any kind of comfortable shoes with smooth soles (leather soles recommended) that strap to your feet so that they don't slip off.

Q: Where can I buy dance shoes?
A: Shoes may be ordered on-line.  Some links are listed in the Dancewear/Lodging/Dining page - Dance Shoes and Dance Wear Section.

Q: Do I need a partner?
A: No partner is needed.  In group classes rotation of partners is encouraged so that everyone has a chance to dance.  During private lessons you will partner with your teacher.

Q: What is The Line of Dance?
A: The Line of Dance is an imaginary line which represents the counterclockwise flow of traffic around the dance floor. During traveling dances such as Waltz and Tango, all dancers will move in the same general counterclockwise direction, in order to minimize collisions.

Q: What is a milonga?
A: A milonga is an Argentine Tango social dance party.

Q: What is a Tanda?
A: A tanda is a turn of dancing in a milonga, and by association, a set of pieces of music, usually three or four, that is played for one turn. The most common style is to play four pieces in the tango tandas, three in the milonga tandas, and three in the vals tandas. Most commonly the music is tango, milonga or vals. Tandas are normally arranged by feel of the music, usually the same artist.

Q: What is a Cortina?
A: Played between tandas, a cortina (Spanish for "curtain"), is a musical pause to allow dancers to leave the floor and to serve as a short break between tandas.

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